Employee Health & Wellbeing

Supporting you to help your employees thrive at work

Employee wellbeing extends beyond health. It's good for your people and it's good for your organisation.

In 2017 workforce mental health issues cost UK employers almost £35 billion according to research published by Centre for Mental Health – the equivalent of £1,300 for every employee in the UK economy.

Our cloud based ‘off the shelf’ solution enables organisations to provide relevant local mental health and wellbeing information to their employees quickly and cost effectively.

Frog does not seek to replace other EAPs (employee assistance plans), or other employee wellbeing initiatives, rather it aims to complement those already in place. Its aims to bridge the gap between someone struggling and taking that first step to seeking the support they need. It is hoped that by hearing from people who can help or have overcome similar challenges, employees will feel less inhibited or stigmatised about their issues, and will reach out and take personal ownership of them.

The platform which can be fully customized to suit both need and location, signposts your employees to the help and support services that are local to them.

At the heart of the platform lies Frog’s groundbreaking Champion’s Cinema – a video channel that showcases real people telling their own stories to help others in similar situations. It is a ‘safe space’ where employees can hear real stories of hope and encouragement covering a vatiety of topics from anxiety, domestic abuse to living with long term conditions.

The Cinema – the content of which can be customised by organisations – provides you with the perfect corporate employee wellbeing platform to communicate your key messages and advice to employees. It could be used by senior management to share key health and wellbeing messages, HR or OHS to describe policies or procedures or employees sharing their stories for the benefit of colleagues.

The platform is available on a subscription basis and is fully supported by industry leading SLAs.


  • Reduce direct healthcare costs;
  • Build and sustain high employee morale;
  • Reduce the damaging trend of presenteeism.
  • Cost Effective – full managed subscription service option
  • Customizable to meet your business need/location(s)
  • Custom video content options
  • Easily integrates in existing intranets & workspaces
  • Data integrity
  • Best of breed SLA and service guarantees
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