Strategic Insight with Frog User Analytics

Measuring the health and wellbeing of your community
Tablet with charts for Frog's Strategic Insight service

Strategic Insight

Frog’s service includes a comprehensive set of real time user analytics which will aid an informed mental health and well-being decision making process.

Frog Analytics provides you with the relevant anonymised information to help you better understand the behavior of the users within your community as they interact with your Frog platform. Standard metrics include the number of users, user location, the number and length of user sessions, the areas of interest, pages viewed and the support and services they seek.

Importantly data provided by Frog can aid you provide you with a real time snap shot or ‘temperature guage’ of the mental health and wellbeing of your community.

Additionally, Frog’s mapping data visually displays the physical locations of the support organisations and services within your defined locations – highlighting areas of need/demand vs supply.

Frog can help you meet your community’s needs better by improving your insight into the types of services and support it seeks.


  • Clearly understand the support and services sought by users
  • Design and plan services around user needs
  • Understand demand vs supply of specific local support services
  • Engage and empower citizens to self-serve
  • Real time insight into potential issues and concerns
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