Health Care

“Not a pill for every ill” – from the reactive to the preventative.

Health Care

Frog offers primary and secondary health care providers:

  1. support for social prescribing by surfacing the community groups and activities available in the local area – helping to reduce isolation.
  2. the innovative use of lived experience video to provide hope and overcome fear.

Frog aims to connect people with local non-clinical sources of support and activities in the community to improve their health and well-being.

More than a simple directory based platform Frog uniquely aggregates related content be it video, text or image to provide a holistic view of the local support available by topic.

Frog can either be used as a primary service or can be built upon, and be integrated with, existing schemes and systems.

Local Connectors/Community Links Practitioners can utilise Frog to deliver an excellent citizen user experience whilst befitting from the data insights and admin tools designed to benefit our customers.

Frog’s video capability offers a powerful and unique way to communicate key health and wellbeing messages, whilst encouraging citizens to take personal ownership of their physical and mental health.


  • Fully supports social prescribing model
  • Reduce practice/front line workload
  • Provide a more holistic approach to patient health care
  • Full data insight and analytics helping with supply vs demand planning
  • Improve patient self-management of their health and well-being
  • Use of video covering all topics from mental health issues to long term illness
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