Housing Associations

‘an individual’s life chances are shaped by their home environment’

Investing in communities

Housing Associations have long recognised that an individual’s life chances are shaped by the home environment that they have come from.

It is widely understood that there is a direct correlation between poor quality and insecure housing and lower levels of educational achievement, poor health and poverty leading to an inequality chasm. Investing in community regeneration to support and improve the well-being and mental health of tenants is a vital function of today’s Housing Association.

Employment, training, and ensuring that tenants are not blighted by social exclusion are just some of the areas in which Housing Associations are supporting communities beyond bricks and mortar.

Frog assists Housing Associations with the connecting of tenants directly to the health and well being support, services and activities that are local to them. The platform is easy to use, feature rich and can be customized to meet the localized requirements of the Housing Association. The platform covers a wide range of areas from addiction support to local facilities and community clubs.

In addition to highlighting local organisations and activities, the platform also includes access to Frog’s groundbreaking Champion’s Cinema – a video channel that showcases real people telling their own stories to help others in similar situations.

The platform is available on a subscription basis and is fully supported by industry leading SLAs.


  • Cost Effective – full managed subscription service option
  • Own brand portal
  • Customizable to meet business need/location
  • Custom video content options
  • Easily integrates in existing intranets & workspaces
  • Data integrity
  • Best of breed SLA and service guarantees
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