Local Authorities

Together we can make a real difference for our communities

Local Authorities

Frog can assist Local Authorities in evolving the current reactive health and social service delivery model to a proactive, preventative one that is self-managed by the citizen.

Frog’s principle aim is to help people lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives by preventing ill health and promoting good health and vibrant communities from an asset-based approach giving people the knowledge and power to manage their own lives effectively.

A fully managed end to end signposting, demand vs capacity service has the potential to remove real cost and provide significant productivity gains within the current LA budget envelope

The key to the success of the model is the ‘light touch’ required by the Local Authority in administering the service effectively providing the Local Authority with an ‘outsourced care’ option.

Every community contains a wide variety of support and special interest groups – but they remain largely invisible to most of the local population. Frog’s unique off the shelf Content Management System signposts end users to the support and services on their doorsteps.


  • Cost Effective – full managed service option
  • Bespoke and targeted for local needs
  • Full data insights and analysis of supply vs demand
  • Reduce front line costs v use of digital engagement channel
  • Frog Hyperlocal pre-configured to your LA area – minimal onboarding process
  • Curated local content
  • Best of breed SLA and service guarantees
Frog Systems

Signpost Your Citizens to the Care & Support Services in YOUR Local Area. Visit frog.net below to see the power and potential of our platform.