Our Story

Across many ancient cultures the frog is viewed as an agent of renewal and is associated with the process of healing and transition.

The entire life of the frog is a symbol of transition...

For a ubiquitous yet oft overlooked animal, the frog represents a powerful totem of renewal, transition, and luck for many cultures, both ancient and modern.

From the Egyptians, Celts, Chinese to Native Americans the frog has come to represent – via its life cycle of egg, tadpole to adult – an excellent spiritual guide through a journey of transformation and regeneration, with it characterising:

• transition and transformation of self
• physical and emotional cleansing
• adoption of a new stance or perspective
• improvement of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically

The frog is even used in Cockney rhyming slang for the word (‘frog and toad’) once again an association with a journey as in ‘Im on the frog to happiness’.

In addition to these qualities, the frog is also known for its powers of uniting through communication. Its famous ‘song’ resonating through its natural habitat encouraging other frogs to action as its voice is heard (an amphibian version of ‘peer support’).

It is this combination of transformation, journey and collective communication that led to the creation of Frog.

Frog’ story started when our founder Cal, who having experienced his own recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction, was determined that every citizen should have easy access to the local support networks that they needed to help them transition and thrive.

Using the frog as both example and guide, we have placed our Champions Cinema at the company’s heart. A safe place where the voices of those who have travelled on their dark and challenging journeys are shared in the hope that they might help others.

Video’s impact is immediate, emotions are stirred, content is relatable, and it is not limited by language or accessibility – the perfect medium for communication.

Showcasing the lived experience of those that have survived demonstrates to others that they’re not alone, and that they should not feel inhibited nor stigmatised by their issues and that help is available.

The technology that we’ve developed might be current and state of the art, but the purpose for which it was built – to guide, to regenerate, to transition – dates back thousands of years.