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Signposting the help and support services that YOU offer

Signpost the Support and Services You Offer

Can your commnuity easily find the details of the support and services that you have arranged for them? Do they even know they exist?

You’ve spent valuable time and resource in planning and sourcing support for your community be it emergency contractors, counselling services, private health care providers – and yet you still receive enquiries from your community asking for details.

Frog enables you detail your support and services in one convient location – so that your community always has easy access to them 24 hours per day.

We will work with you to map and prioritize your business and information needs.


  • Single ‘One Stop’ shop approach for all the important services and support that you offer your community
  • Promote the services to your community
  • All data stored centrally so easy to keep updated and relevant
  • Available to your community 24 x 7
  • Reduce admin costs associated with dealing with repetitive enquiries
  • Tailored to suit individual client requirements
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