Telling Your Story

We’re 95% more likely to retain a message after watching a video compared with 10% when reading text.

Don't write it - TELL it!

The Champions Cinema® is at the heart of our platform – professional curated video content designed to engage your community, communicate key messages and hold their attention and all within 60 seconds.

We often overlook video as a communications channel because it seems… well just too hard and expensive.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Frog offers you a full turn-key solution for creating custom and personal video that will personally resonate with your community.

Whether its your CEO sharing the company’s vision for health and wellbeing, students describing their coping strategies for exams or a carer providing advice to combat social isolation – engagement is intensified through the power of the visual story.

And of course you can use video to communicate your policies and procedures to your audience – rather like the Public Service films of days gone by. Don’t write pages on the best practise for sitting at a desk or the lifting a heavy items – show people and show them in less than 60 seconds.

How we tell your story..

We offer a full video content production service for service providers who wish to add and enhance their current comms channels.

With an experienced team of broadcasters, journalists and counsellors we can create content that is sensitive, sympathetic and powerful.

We can create video in content in a number of ways – remotely, on location or in our studios. We film people from three viewpoints:

  • Lived Experience – own story
  • Shared Experience – carer, colleague, friend, relation etc.
  • Practitioner Advice – processes, policies, support etc.

Each contribution is broken down into a Q&A series with each film lasting no more that 60 seconds, ensuring that the viewer easily finds the information that they are seeking.

We can also help with the production of informational films – once again no longer than 60 seconds – which can cover a wide range of topics and policies.

Video brings case studies and stories to life.


License our Content

Our Champions Cinema library contains hundreds of professionaly produced health and wellbeing videos covering many topics. You can add the entire library or select the film themes that meet your community’s needs. Please contact us for details.

Fully Accessible

Video can be the perfect medium for communicating key messages to every member of your community. We can add captions, subtitles and we ensure no flashing images, innapropriate content etc.

that Champion...

If you’re reading this page and believe that you have a story to share, which might help others, then we’d love to hear from you.

Our Champions share their experiences from three perspectives: Self (lived experience), Family/Friend/Carer(shared experience) and the Practitioner(expert/authoritative experience).

Our topics cover any aspect of staying safe, healthy and well within our communities.

Please contact us for further information.