Match the Support & Help to your Community's Needs

Create your own signposting platform to surface the help and support that’s relevant to your audience

Making the Invisible - Visible.

Finding timely accurate information is key to the success of any self-management model.

Data produced by the ONS in 2018 showed that people searching for health-related information has more than doubled in ten years. It is now the UK’s fifth most common internet activity. With online search costing a fraction of personal intervention – phone or face to face – it makes sense to better signpost citizens to the digital information they seek at the point of need.

Frog’s objective is for anyone to be able to source the support information they seek within ‘three clicks’, negating the need for frustrating and repetitive online searches.

You know your community better than anyone so Frog enables you to select the support topics and services that meet the exact needs of your particular audience.

Before we create your platform, you simply tell us the types of themes, support and services that you wish to signpost your audience to and we do the rest.

It might be organisations that support sexual orientation issues, addiction services, advocacy or those that provide respite for carers – it is your choice. We then match and display the local services and support that meet your user demographics.

In doing this we help your users find the support they need as quickly and easily as possible.

Data Integrity

We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than searches returning broken links, incorrect or outdated contact details which is why we have a process that regularly checks the integrity of the data on your platform. This provides you with the confidence that the help and support signposted is accurate and available.


  • Focus on the key areas of support needed for your users
  • Improved customer/citizen perception
  • Discover local support that is hard to find through usual search engines
  • Customise the data to meet your audience’s exact needs and demographics
  • Data maintained and kept up to date