Sports Organisations & Athlete Wellbeing

Promoting sport and physical fitness whilst protecting the wellbeing of athletes.

Active Lives & Active Minds.

Frog offers sports organisations and bodies a powerful turn key approach to:

a) community participation and engagement with sport

b) Support the mental wellbeing of athletes

The value of sports participation by individuals extends far beyond enjoyment for local authorities and communities. Data suggests that physical inactivity accounts for 1.5-3.0% of total direct healthcare costs.

In the UK it is estimated that only 30% of the population are active enough for their ovreall health, with regular physical activity reducing the risk of many chronic conditions such type 2 diabetes whilst increasing mental health and well-being.

One major barrier to a person achieving this is the difficulty of determining what sporting activities and facilities are available to them locally.

Frog enables sports organsiations and bodies to create a custom build video based directory service that ensures visibility of clubs, activities and facilities within partcilaur communities.

With video content accounting for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, Frog’s Champions Cinema is at its heart – capturing the power of the lived and shared experience to communicate messages of hope and encouragement. Is there a better way to encourage people to participate in sport than by showing them the benefits?

Frog offers a very different user experience to the more traditional ‘signposting’ type  directories – of which there are thousands – as it relates both the video’s subject matter to the display of relevant local services within the same page.  No other platform offers this.

With mental health being every bit as important as physical health, Frog enables sports organisations to create private, safe bespoke hubs where pro athletes can tell their stories, coupled with advice and support from health practitioners, in the hope that they can help fellow professionals who might be facing similar challenges.

Topics might include: end of career transitioning, body shaming, abuse, addiction, the media, recovering from injury, funding cuts, financial worries etc.


  • Signpost communities to their local sporting activities and clubs
  • Customised directory service to suit geographic requirements
  • Help combat social isolation and improve physical fitness
  • Support Pro Athletes through a wide range of challenging mental health issues
  • Bespoke video content to include the lived/shared experience
  • Powerful communication channel to promote benefits of sport and activity
  • Real time user insights and analytics to support planning process
  • One off build fee and annual subscription
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