Mental Health & Wellbeing in Further Education

Creating a campus of care and hope

Supporting students to thrive in a safe, healthy and inclusive sector.

Being a student can be one of the best times of your life but it can also be one of the most stressful with distress arising from a number of psychological, emotional or mental health issues.

Students can experience a number of wellbeing issues, such as the transition from school, adjusting to student life and perhaps different cultures, financial pressures, abuse, relationships, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, lonelieness, homesickness through to the pressures of study and exams

For many students, finding the courage to speak up and seek help is difficult.

Frog enables colleges, universities and other academic institutions to create their own unique student wellbeing hub focused on surfacing the help and support available to their communities.

Video lies at the heart of the platform capturing the power of the lived and shared experience to communicate messages of hope and encouragement.

Our cinema channel includes professionally curated videos from three perspectives – lived (self), Shared (carer) and Practitioner (professional) which can be filtered by gender, age range and topic, ensuring relevant and empathetic content. Video also enables us to showcase stories in the first language, making them relatable for overseas and minority groups within our communities.

It is hoped that by hearing from others who can help or have overcome similar challenges, students will feel less inhibited or stigmatised about their issues, and will reach out and take personal ownership of them.

The platform offers a very different user experience to the more traditional ‘signposting’ type directories – of which there are thousands – as it relates both the video’s subject matter to the display of relevant local support within the same page. No other platform offers this.

And this support is determined by you. You provide details of the types of support organisation that you want listed – including your own establishment’s student services – the location and we build out a unique version of Frog for use by YOUR students only.

Frog provides you with access to real time user insights, providing you with a ‘wellbeing temperature gauge’ of your student community which can assist with the planning of resources and services required.


  • ‘One Stop Shop’ of student health and wellbing services available to students within your local community
  • Complete customisation to surface to students the organisations and support that are relevant to their needs
  • Signpost internal support services
  • Bespoke video production included – students, processes, policies practitioners etc
  • Available to students 24 x 7
  • Real time user Insights and Analytics assiting the planing and support process
  • One time build fee with annual subscription
Frog Systems

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