Helping the Third Sector find a Voice

Together we can make a real difference for our communities

Caring for those who Care.

Providing the tools and support to enable individuals to take greater control of their own health, adopting social prescribing approaches and recognising the importance of the role played by the Third Sector in service delivery is being widely recognised as the path we must take.

With the NHS facing a number of critical challenges, from social to economic, multi stakeholder partnerships at community level will become vital if we are to support people to stay well for longer.

However, this journey will not be without its bumps and challenges.

Frog offers third sector organisations a number of data driven digital solutions to assist in the planning and delivery of services on a local basis, primarily around the discovery of current community assets and the service supply and demand.

To discuss how Frog can help the third sector please get in touch.

Key features:

  • Improve resource planning through identifying need and demand
  • Increased awareness and understanding of services by type by area
  • Increased opportunities to inform the design and delivery of services
  • Real time user insights and analytics
  • Communicate key messages via video shorts
  • Community asset mapping
  • Promote services at a local, national and international level
  • Integrity systems to ensure current and valid data
Frog Systems

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