Stories of success

Examples of how the team at Frog Systems use our Ashia technology to build scalable and trusted platforms of support for companies and communities.


Inspiring content to empower women

Frog Systems built a digital platform for educational charity The Female Lead to which they direct the tens of thousands of women taking their Fulfiment Finder Survey. It is a place where they go to be inspired by hearing about other women’s experiences.

Promoting Services

ERSA, a national membership body, campaigning for UK jobseekers and low waged, designed a hub to help end users find local employment support more easily.

Promoting Equality & Opportunity

A major sport was uniquely placed to promote positive messages of equality, diversity and opportunity to its participants in communities across the UK.

Working from Home

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the company’s plans to provide additional wellness support to its 20,000 UK workforce whilst working remotely at home.

Campus Support

UWE Bristol concerned by the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on its employees, responded by creating a localised wellness support hub.

Connecting with the Community

Stirling Council created a one-stop-shop for citizens seeking information on activities and support services available within the Stirlingshire area.


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