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Finding Hope. No one is Alone.

Frog Systems offers a video based mental health and wellbeing solution that captures the power of the lived experience to offer hope and support to those in need.
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The Health of the Nation

1 in

Inpatients in UK hospitals is alcohol dependent


Health cost per person suffering from loneliness


Children (one in seven) aged 11 to 16 bet regularly


Of 14-year-old girls self harm


People are affected by an eating disorder


Cost of emergency admission considered avoidable by NHS England


Working Days lost in 2018 due to stress, anxiety & depression


Of adults aged 16 to 59 have taken a Class A drug in the last year

It is estimated that by the early 2020’s there will be a £30 billion funding gap in UK public health care provision; therefore, a radical rethink of the way care and health services are currently delivered remains high on the policy agenda.


The Road to Mental Health & Wellbeing

Frog Systems offers a unique video based Lived/Shared Experience solution for the discovery and delivery of health and well-being information.

With video content accounting for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic, and woefully overlooked by the health and care sectors, Frog’s Champions Cinema is at the platform’s heart – capturing the power of the lived and shared experience to communicate messages of hope and encouragement.

The cinema offers positive stories from people who have survived, coupled with advice and support from organisations, told in no more than 60 second shorts. Topics cover a wide range of issues from: addiction, cancer, HIV, debt, bereavement, abuse through to coping with a long term illness.

The cinema includes professionally curated videos from three perspectives – lived (self), Shared (carer) and Practitioner (professional) which can be filtered by gender, age range and topic, ensuring relevant and empathetic content.

The platform offers a very different user experience to the more traditional ‘signposting’ type health directories – of which there are thousands – as it relates both the video’s subject matter to the display of relevant local support within the same frame.

No other platform offers this.

Main Features of our Mental Health & Wellbeing Video Service


Champions Cinema

A library of professionally curated videos covering a comprehensive range of mental health and wellbeing topics.


Determine the geographical areas – countries, regions, cities – that you wish the support services to cover.

Signpost Support Topics

Select the mental health and wellbeing topics that meet the demographic needs of those in your care.

Personal Video

Add you own video content: employees telling their own stories of hope or highlight your own services, policies, support and stories of success.

Personal Support

Signpost your community to the wellbeing support and services that you provide to them.
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Analytics & Insight

Real time anonymized and aggregated user reports providing you with a ‘health and wellbeing’ temperature gauge of your community.

Why Video?

Video stories engage us with the content in a way that is not possible with print (on average only 28% of a web page’s text is read). The impact is immediate, attention is caught, emotions are stirred, authenticity and credibility recognised, and the story becomes relatable. Video is not new – but it is underutilised.

We are 95% more likely to retain a message after watching a video compared with 10% when reading text.

Video also enables us to showcase stories in the first language, making them relatable for minority groups within our communities.

For those struggling with life it can be hard to find positive stories from people who have survived; YouTube for example is full of unstructured videos which focus on worst moments or offer unrelated or inappropriate additional content.

The platform can be fully customised by organisations wishing to communicate messages of hope, encouragement and support to those within their care.

of internet users watch health related videos
of mobile video viewers share videos with others
of people will seek information about a service after seeing it in a video
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