Who We Are

Meet the team behind Ashia - the wellbeing streaming service

Why Frog Systems?

The frog represents a powerful symbol of renewal, transition, and luck for many cultures, both ancient and modern.

The frog as spirit animal or totem reminds us of the transient nature of our lives.

People with Frog totem are great listeners and have genuine empathy towards others. Thus, they will do their best to provide healing and support for those around them.

The frog is also symbolic of coming into your power and reminds you that you should make all of your choices based on what is right for you.

Our Purpose

“There comes a point where we need to just stop pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream to find out why they’re falling in.”

Inspired by this insightful quote from Desmond Tutu, Frog Systems provides early wellbeing support for individuals and organisations to prevent the small things becoming the big things.

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset, and it is essential that we ‘walk the walk’ and create a culture that champions our employees. 

Frog Systems was the first UK wellbeing company to be awarded the We Invest in Wellbeing Gold accreditation by Investors in People.

We are Frog Systems

Grant Yuill

Grant Yuill

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dr Isabel Howat

Dr Isabel Howat

Consultant Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Dr Laura Coia, General Practitioner

Dr Laura Coia

General Practitioner

Dr Matt Wild, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Matt Wild

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Francesca Pecqueur, Creative Designer

Francesca Pecqueur

Creative Designer

Angela McGregor

Angela McGregor

Sales and Business Support Manager

Jane Robertson

Director of Communications

Joyce Osei

Joyce Osei

ED & I Advisor

Paul Jeffrey

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Drennan

Dan Drennan


Emily Worms Marketing Manager

Emily Worms

Marketing Manager

Michael Worms

Michael Worms

Front End Developer

Kieron Achara MBE

Kieron Achara MBE

Sports Development Executive

Matthew Carson

Matthew Carson

Back End Developer

Phil Worms Frog Systems

Phil Worms

Chief Executive Officer

Robert Williams

Robert Williams

IT & Network Administrator

Matt Insley

Matt Insley

Non-Executive Director & CFO (P/T)

Euan Robertson Frog Systems

Euan Robertson MBA MPhil BSc CEng MIET

Non-Executive Director

Sir Rod Aldridge Chair Frog Systems

Sir Rod Aldridge OBE

Founder & Chair