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Bring Ashia: the leading wellbeing streaming platform
to your customers, members or subscribers by partnering with us

Why you need to partner with us

  1. Ashia will support the mental and physical wellbeing of your customers, members or subscribers through the UK’s largest dedicated wellbeing video and resources collection.
  2. Through our anonymous, real-time, analytics you’ll understand what they are looking for, concerned about and this data will point to areas where they may be interested in support.
  3. By adding Ashia to your offer, you’ll align your brand with the increasingly vital wellness agenda.

What Ashia offers you

We offer multiple ways for you to add Ashia to your offer.  Each model has different pricing models to meet different needs.

  1. Adding Ashia to your service for all subscribers as part of a value add and/or retention strategy.
  2. You can sell Ashia to your customers on a revenue share model.
  3. We can customise Ashia just for you, aligned to your branding and include content specific to your needs.

How we support you

  1. Fast onboarding and project management to make sure you and your users get a smooth entry to the service.
  2. Full integration options with your systems to provide the platform easily and simply.
  3. Full communications and marketing support to help engage your end users.
  4. Full real time management information and reporting.


Fill in the form below and we will provide you with our partner information pack, meet to understand your specific needs and demonstrate the power of Ashia to you.

We look forward to helping you support your customers and grow.