Ashia For Business

All the wellbeing tools you need to support your employees

All the wellbeing insight you need to support your business

Support Your Line Managers

Ashia’s unique story telling approach helps equip your managers with the understanding, and confidence, needed to have those difficult  wellbeing discussions with their teams.

Development of these softer skills will enhance compassionate leadership and have an overall positive workplace impact.

Ashia provides you with all the data you need to make informed employee wellbeing decisions.

It’s simple, intuitive, anonymised, and real time.

Safe, Secure Anonymised Data

Ashia provides a real time ‘employee wellbeing’ temperature gauge.

This unique insight helps organisations shape, deploy and measure proactive wellbeing support strategies. 

Ashia can help your business to create a more resilient, empathetic and productive work environment.

Affordable pricing. Real value

A simple flat monthly subscription fee – not per employee – gives you a predictable, transparent cost with no hidden surprises.

And in return, your employees gain access to the most comprehensive and content rich wellbeing service available.

Make Wellbeing Easy & Personal

Where do I find? What’s the number to call? More apps than the AppStore?

Avoid ‘wellbeing sprawl’ and improve employee engagement.

Ashia delivers early, anonymous and automatic access to wellbeing resources

You can add your brand and content to make the employee user experience personal.


 Avoid Wellbeing Pain Points

Tackling taboos Ashia helps find answers to the questions you might be afraid to ask openly.

Stretched internal resource – Ashia helps HR/Wellbeing teams support major wellbeing days and events effortlessly.

Lack of employee engagement – Ashia’s constantly updated slate of quality, informational content keeps interest levels high.

Painless Onboarding – deploy and access Ashia within minutes.

Live Well for Less

From discounted family days out to full body health checks, Ashia brings your employees a fantastic range of regularly updated wellbeing offers. Big brands, high quality products, big savings and exclusive to Ashia.

Offered as an option.

Our Impact

We enable organisations, of all sizes, across a wide range of sectors, to support their people through life's challenges.